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Monica T.

"I have seen joy and lightness in my child - something that had vanished almost entirely during her middle school years. She is finally starting to glimmer back to life. She doesn't seem or act as burdened as she had been and is beginning to take an interest in actually engaging in life and family again. And my son has gained a sense of confidence that he didn't have and his anxiety doesn't rule him like it did before. He's more sure of himself, more comfortable in his skin."


Kim B.

“This course should be offered for adults as well. I am using stuff I’ve learned in my women’s group”


Reina R.

"I read it out loud to my daughter because I know her older brothers are listening and I can see them paying attention.”


Karla C.

“You cannot stop doing this, it is making such an impact on my son’s life. His dad is not a believer and when he goes to his dad’s, this is helping him stand up for what he believes.”


Erin B.

“You are setting these kids on fire.”


Angela H.

“We have seen such a change since she has taken this course. She brings God into all our conversations. She prays out loud. We could never get her to pray out loud before.”

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