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Remnant Warrior Academy is a biblically based academy designed to help equip the next generation of powerful, bold, and FEARLESS Warriors of God to walk in Kingdom Authority and take ground back from the enemy! 

It's a mixture of:

Discipleship Training School,


and Bible College

all rolled into one at a level kids can understand. 


Remnant Warrior Academy is unlike any other out there.

Our in-depth training courses focus on 8 foundational truths:

  • Knowing who God truly is (not the god the world has created)

  • Building a solid relationship with Him.

  • Finding and establishing their identity in Him

  • Discovering how the Kingdom of God works

  • Walking in their Kingdom calling and authority

  • Recognizing and defeating the lies of the enemy

  • Kicking the Devil in the Face

  • Reaching the world around them


Too long has the enemy lied to our kids, robbed them of their innocence, and stolen their identity. NO MORE! 


RWA is designed for those who are ready to take a stand and fight for their kid's future! But more importantly, have kids equipped with the truth, power, and authority to fight back themselves!

Remnant Warrior Academy is self-paced and designed for ages 10 - 18

consisting of 3 Levels.

Level 1: Foundations of a Remnant Warrior

(Now Enrolling)


(Coming Summer 2023)

Level 3: Unleashed

(Coming Soon)

Each Level covers different aspects of who God is, who they are because of who God is, operating in the Kingdom, and how to Kick the Devil in the Face.

​Now open for enrollment!

We are currently enrolling for:

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*All enrollments come with 1 years access to course materials and Video Lessons. We are looking forward to partnering with you in training up your Remnant Warriors to become powerful, bold, FEARLESS Warriors of God! 

​**Remnant Warrior Academy does not cover basic academics (math, english, etc.) but solely focuses on biblical truths that are vital to their lives and future as followers of Christ.

Click the button below to enroll and start taking back what the enemy has been trying to steal from us (our children and their future)!

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