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Foundations: Family/Group - Phase 1 (Age 10-14)


Foundations of a Remnant Warrior is designed by the Holy Spirit to help you equip the next generation of powerful, bold, and FEARLESS Warriors of God who walk in Kingdom Authority and Kick the Devil in the Face!  It is: Discipleship Training School, Apologetics, and Bible College all rolled into one at a level our youth and kids can understand.  We believe that Proverbs 22:6 is not just about raising good kids who become good citizens and attend church every Sunday. It’s about equipping and showing them who they truly are in God, their true identity, and how to walk in the power and authority they’ve been given as children of God.  Our kids and youth are destined for more! Too long has the enemy lied to them! Too long has the enemy robbed them of their innocence. Too long has the enemy confused their identity. NO MORE! It’s time we take a stand, fight for our kids and youth, and equip them with the truth, power, and authority to fight back and Kick the Devil in the Face!


3 Plans Available, From $297.00

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