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  1. Lashana Thompson

    My Testimony, My church The March Of Faith Ministries call for a month of fasting and prayer under the direction of Yvonne Dubra. I was believing God to heal me of Fiberoid Tumors which were so painful I became a anemic from the fibroids. Was so weak and tired all the time couldn’t walk two steps without getting tired. I ate bags and bags of ice til it was ruining my teeth. Just a horrible situation,I was also told I may have to have a blood transfusion because of losing so much blood. But God!!!!!! I stood on Galatians 3:13 “Christ has redeemed me from the curse of poverty sickness and ALL Diseases.” For it is written cursed is every man that hangs on a tree so that the blessings of Abraham may be upon me. And I declared that I am the seed of Abraham. We had Prayer every Tuesday Night at my church under the direction of Yvonne Dubra. One night Prophetess Monique Thomas Was our guest, and while under the anointing of The Holyspirit she ask if anybody needed a healing from God come to the alter. Well I ran up there and prophetess Monique Thomas stood in agreement with me for my healing. Well about a month later I was in one of those Fiberoid Studies and the nurse call me and told me I didn’t qualify for the study because I had no fibroids. Without going to detailed I truly believe the Lord supernaturally allowed the fibroids to just pass through out my body. I praise God for Monique standing in agreement with me and praying for me. God Is Truly A Healer if you just Stand Firm on His Word and Remind Him of His Word. He said he will watch over his Word To Perform it.Oh I left something out, God Also showed me Favor, The nurse called me a week after I was out the study. She gave me four bottles of very expensive iron pills for free. Gods Favor she didn’t have to give me those iron pills, she could have given them to someone else. BUT GOD!!!!!!!

  2. Cheryl Harrison

    Prophtess Monique Thomas participated in an anointed play at the March of Faith Ministries on Mothers Day, May 14, 2017. Monique played a praying mother that always prayed for her son. Because of her prayers God allowed her son to go back to God, repent and turn his life around and begin living for Christ again. After the play Monique asked if there were any mothers that had been praying for their children but had not seen a change. As women began to flood the altar she laid hands on them and prophesied over them. After service I purchased one of Monique books entitled “The Scenes of a Warrior”. Monique shared her past experiences and how God was there with her through all she went through, and how she was able to become the woman of God she is today. Through prayer, fasting, and studying the word of God, God revealed her purpose and today that purpose is being fulfilled in her life and she is a blessing to woman and men all over the world. I encourage everyone to purchase her book,

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